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Adaptive Data Networks cloud servers deliver unmatched performance and limitless scalability. This allows your application to achieve greater reliability while meeting your growth targets. Each cloud server is backed by Adaptive Support and our experienced team of engineers – so you can rest assured that your application will stay online. No matter your use-case, our cloud servers provide the flexibility and reliability you need.

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        All cloud servers come with a standard 10TB of outgoing bandwidth
        and unlimited incoming bandwidth.

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        Cloud Server Benefits

        Cloud Servers are immediately available, easily scaled, failure resistant, and hybrid capable.

        Immediately Available

        Cloud servers offer a great deal of flexibility in how / when they can be deployed – so why wait hours to get started? All Adaptive Data Networks cloud servers are quickly provisioned upon ordering. Your cloud server can also be pre-loaded with a wide array of configuration options. This allows you to kick-start your favorite operating system / software and start migrating and deploying your application immediately.

        Seamless Scalability

        A rush of traffic, a new product, a viral post – Many competing cloud platforms would be rendered useless by any of these internet events. But with your Adaptive Data Networks cloud server, seamless scalability comes standard. Increase your memory (RAM), add additional CPU cores, or purchase more disk throughput on the fly without taking your application offline.

        Failure Resistant

        The Adaptive Data Networks cloud was designed with full hardware and software redundancy in mind. Our cloud servers are built to withstand multiple points of failure including power, storage, hypervisor, and network. Each hypervisor is connected to four separate redundant network switches, two redundant power circuits, and multiple network-storage devices. In the unlikely event that these hardware systems simultaneously fail, software provides for live-migration of your cloud server to another node in our cloud.

        Hybrid-Cloud Capability

        Adaptive Data Networks cloud servers integrate seamlessly with our dedicated servers, creating an ultra-scalable, highly-available hybrid cloud. By leveraging the Adaptive Data Networks cloud over third-party vendors, such as AWS or Google Cloud, you will achieve lower latency and higher throughput while reducing operational inefficiencies and that often arise when utilizing multiple vendors.

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