IP Transit

High-Performance Global IP Internet Access

Whether a small business or a Fortune 500 organization, access to quality Internet designed for performance and low latency is key to your success in the digital economy. The Adaptive Data Networks IP backbone was engineered from the ground up to provide low latency and high-performance connectivity.

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What is IP Transit?

An IP Transit service provides a customer's autonomous system with a complete set of Internet routes. IP Transit is provided by an ISP (Adaptive Data Networks) and allows unrestricted access to all resources on the global IP network (the Internet). Be sure to evaluate these three critical indicators of network quality when choosing an IP Transit provider:

Peering Network

Direct or settlement-free peering is a relationship in which the routes of one autonomous system are sent to another in a direct relationship. The IPs accessible over this routing session no longer require third-party ISPs for access. This allows for a shorter and less latent path and increased throughput. Over 75% of our peak daily traffic goes over our peering network.

Expanded Network

These are the direct customers of the IP Transit provider. In this situation. Customer A and Customer B are both subscribed to Adaptive Data Networks IP Transit Service. Customer A requests resources from Customer B's network and is routed directly over the Adaptive Data Networks IP backbone instead of the public Internet. This creates a single pane of glass for issue resolution and provides improved visibility for the content delivery pathway.

Global Internet Connectivity

Connectivity to the rest of the Internet is the final critical area to consider. This is facilitated by edge routers that take full Internet routes from Tier 1 ISPs and transit providers. This grants customers full access to the rest of the Internet that is not available through the Peering and Expanded Networks. Adaptive Data Networks peers with at least three Tier 1 ISPs at each of our locations, providing for path diversity and BGP route engineering. This allows us to identify and utilize the highest quality, least latent, and best-performing routes.

Still confused? Read our "What is IP Transit" article.

IP Transit not only includes access to the global Internet, but also the transit provider’s Peering and Extended Networks.

Who Needs IP Transit?

IP Transit is ideal for several types of organizations:

Financial Services Firms

When microseconds count, Adaptive Data Networks' low-latency, fiber-based IP Transit service is a perfect fit. Utilizing transcontinental fiber routes, high-performance Cisco networking equipment, and robust route optimization techniques, we provide the throughput necessary for the most critical business transactions, including data analytics, high-frequency trading (HFT), and business Internet access.

Logistics Companies

Ensuring delivery of critical cargo requires precision, planning, and reliable connectivity. Logistics companies benefit from our vast network reach, providing constant access to tracking and shipment applications, GPS data, inventory management, and staff augmentation tools. Logistics firms needing fast, consistent access will significantly benefit from Adaptive Data Networks' global IP network.

Technology Firms

Whether it is late-night code deployments, repository access, or research and design, technology firms rely on Internet access for application delivery and development purposes. Adaptive Data Networks is well-positioned as a technology organization to meet the specific needs of other technology organizations. Leveraging our IP Transit service allows technology firms of all sizes to focus on core business competencies, such as application development while avoiding the pitfalls of engineering systems architecture.

Enterprises with Large Offices

Organizations with large central or remote offices often have unique needs when it comes to IT resources. The demands of 50+ users in larger office environments often require high-bandwidth usage for applications such as VoIP, streaming video, and cloud-based resource access (data storage,
CRM, ERP, and Office 365). Adaptive Data Networks' IP Transit service has direct peering to multiple SaaS providers, including Microsoft and Amazon. This provides the critical connectivity required for your business.

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Our IP Transit Offering

We have IP Transit and other network services at several locations:

Equinix AT1 Data Center

Atlanta Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

Atlanta is a premier interconnection point for the south-eastern United States. Home to the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies of major cities in the US, Atlanta has seen explosive growth in information technology and transportation in recent decades. This explosive growth has has been...

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Equinix BG1 Data Center

Bogota Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

The capital of Colombia, and a gateway to Latin America, Bogota's geographic location and fiber connectivity back to Miami make it an ideal hub for Genesis Adaptive' Bogota IP Transit, VPLS, and Fiber services in conjunction with our local partners.

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Equinix CH3 Data Center

Chicago Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, and one of the largest cities in the world. Benefitting from it's central location, relatively inexpensive power, and one of the largest concentrations of companies in the US, Chicago has become an ideal location for hosting critical internet infrastructure.

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Equinix DA11 Data Center

Dallas Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

As a thriving technology hub, with proximity to both vast population centers, and trans-continental fiber coming from Mexico and the rest of Latin America, Dallas IP Transit, VPLS, and Fiber services from Adaptive Data Networks solve many regional connectivity needs.

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Equinix LON3 Data Center

London Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

The financial capital of Europe, and the “Silicon Roundabout”, have merged to create a thriving financial services focused tech city with vast datacenters and connectivity options. Adaptive Data Networks' London IP Transit, VPLS, and Fiber services are available here.

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Equinix LA1 Data Center

Los Angeles Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. Content companies, large corporations, and a metropolitan population of almost 19 million people, make it a huge draw for both business and capital. Technology companies have flocked to Silicon Beach in recent years, seeking cheaper rents...

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Equinix MX1 Data Center

Mexico City Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

Mexico City's large population, growing tech sector, and proximity to the United States make it an ideal hub for both South American and North American organizations seeking IP Transit, VPLS, and Fiber services in the region. Adaptive Data Networks delivers.

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Equinix MI3 Data Center

Miami Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

Miami is the US gateway to Latin America. In many cases, Miami (and South Florida in general) serves as Latin America's gateway to itself. Miami's proximity to Latin America and a booming local economy have made it an ideal location for technology growth. Technology investments, such as...

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Equinix SE2 Data Center

Seattle Data Center

Speed: 1G | 10G | 40G | 100G

Seattle is the technology hub of the pacific northwest. As a landing point for many trans-pacific fiber links, as well as a Core IP PoP for many regional and national IP networks, Seattle IP Transit, VPLS, and Fiber services are well suited to the region.

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Our Network

Leverage our global reach and extensive technology platform for your business.

Adaptive Data Networks has redundant Cisco Nexus 7010 switches that fuel our network

Redundant, Highly-Available Switching

The Adaptive Data Networks advanced network was built using redundant Cisco Nexus 7K switches for core switching. This allows for 17.6 Tb/s of load per chassis. Each core routing location can switch nearly 40 Tb/s of data and multi-billion packets per second workloads. Within each Nexus 7K chassis are the latest F3 and M3 series routing and switching cards providing peak performance along with 40G and 100G Ethernet interfaces for our customers and internal networking.

Adaptive Data Networks has partnered with 40+ Peering Partners

40+ Peering Partners

Our extensive list of peering partners provides us with unmatched connectivity to some of the largest content networks in the world. Amazon, Facebook, Google Fiber, Hurricane Electric, Microsoft, Netflix, Yahoo, and many others peer directly with us at one of multiple US-based peering centers. Direct connectivity to these IT infrastructures and content providers allows more direct access to the content that your end users access most frequently.

Adaptive Data Networks provides a single global ASN

Our Single Global ASN

Most ISPs and IP Transit providers build their global networks using a combination of regional ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers). From an engineering perspective, this is undoubtedly the easy way out. However, BGP was not designed for multiple layers of routing table distinction from the same ASN. Adaptive Data Networks has built its network from the ground up on the same ASN for the sake of routing consistency. This assures our customers that the Autonomous System they use in Atlanta is the same as in Los Angeles.

Adaptive Data Networks’s proven network technologies

Proven Technologies

Our fully meshed, dual-stack IPv4 / IPv6 Cisco network utilizes the standard BGP4 protocol for external routing and OSPFv3 for internal routing decisions. This ensures lightning-fast convergence at the edge of our network and rock-solid stability and control in our core networking infrastructure. Our fully-owned and operated network backbone utilizes MPLS for high-performance back-end routing decisions between all of our core network locations.

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IP Transit with Adaptive Data Networks

Bringing together technology and a unique operational perspective to provide a superior network offering.

IP Transit with Adaptive Data Networks

The Benefits

Adaptive Data Networks' customers can leverage the same network for critical application hosting and existing customer workloads to provide operational consistency. A single pane of glass for both technology management and billing ensures simplified account management. Adaptive Data Networks offers:

  • Customized IP Transit Solutions
  • Individual Technical Support
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Rapid Provisioning and Setup
  • Expansive Product Offering with Unified Billing
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